Over time, beard transplants have continued to gain popularity among men. This is not only for men without beards but also for men wishing to have more beard. As such, men wishing to go for beard implantation raise some questions that need to be answered. This article attempts to address some of the issues that are commonly asked.

What does a beard transplant procedure entail?

One thing you need to know is that, there is no difference sdWsDcvdqWSWSbetween beard transplant and hair transplant. A surgeon will usually utilise hair on the backside of one’s head, as hair loss in this area is not much. In a case where this is not applicable, or there are other concerns, the surgeon will utilise hair from a donor. Another point to note is that the longevity of the placing session will vary depending on the hair follicles to be placed.

Are there risks associated with beard transplant?

As opposed to earlier days where techniques of follicular units extraction had not evolved, nowadays these techniques are much better. This implies that even the complications that were there previously after a transplant are rare to hear about. To add on this, there is no scarring left in both the recipient and donor scalp.

What does beard transplant recovery involve?

XDcdsacfAOne of the best things about a beard transplant is that you can resume your daily activities immediately after the transplant. Nevertheless, after the procedure your surgeon takes some time to explain of the care needed for the hair follicles that have been transplanted. The only notable indicator of a beard surgery is a swollen and slightly red colouration on the recipient’s area. Nevertheless, this only persists for a few days and disappears in itself.

How much does a beard transplant cost?

Having shed some light on some of the questions, the task is all yours. Take a step and have an extreme make over that will leave you looking impressive.