Are you planning to go for a vacation sometime this year? If yes, buying a Laybag is one of the best things you can do. In case you are not aware what a layBag is, it is an inflatable bag that allows you to relax and unwind. It is a portable that can be filled with air enabling you to relax on a comfy sofa at your convenience. You can have it on the beach, once you are done swimming, or when relaxing in your backyard.

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The laybag light, easily foldable and fits into any backpack. Once the time to use it comes, you do not need to pump it. This innovative sofa is made in such a way that filling it does not break a sweat. You only need to swing it, and it will fill itself up. Once you fill it up, you only need to roll up the end and close it and start relaxing. Relaxing on an air filled sofa with a comfortable fabric comes with immense pressure.

Why you need to buy the LayBag


As much the LayBag is light, it is a relatively strong unit. Their weight support capacity evidences this. It can support a combined weight of not more than 150kg, which is fairly impressive for such a lightweight unit. Moreover, its material properties make it perfect and suitable for use in different terrains and wet environment.


Different people can use LayBags for various reasons. As such, their versatility or adaptability to different conditions makes them perfect for varied applications. One can use them besides the couch, out on the fields or even in the beach. This is enabled by the quality of materials used and their relatively low weight and minimal space requirements.


Portability is one feature that if of great interest to someone that travels often. Anyone would prefer any comfortable travel accessory that is not bulky and heavy. This is one thing that has made LayBag famous today. You can only fit them into your backpack without any inconveniences.

The LayBag is an excellent companion. One can have it anywhere they go considering they are very portable. Moreover, this bags can be used in places, which makes them a great addition when traveling.