Colognes and perfumes are scents that women and men wear to attract a potential mate or enhance their beauty. The good thing about perfumes is that they can evoke fond memories, mood, or smell really good. Nowadays, there are numerous types of colognes and perfumes currently on the market. In fact, this is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Thanks to new trends, marketing, and designer lines. A lot of people are now wearing fragrances.

Choosing a Scent

You should note that each fragrance consists of various notes, which determine the scent. The notes consist of various layers known as middle notes, top, and base. They all work in synergy to create a given smell. Certain perfumes are considered floral and have various scent notes such as geranium, gardenia, and rose. You can also find some made of fruits such as apples or citrus. Some exotic perfumes contain cinnamon and star anise.

Choose Concentration

You should note that fragrances are available in various levels of concentration. When the concentration gets higher, the price also gets higher. Ideally, perfumes or colognes with high concentrations have a powerful scent and can last longer. Although they may be a bit pricey, some feel that the price is worth it. Perfume is the highest concentration that can last a day. That means a single application will last a full day.

Test the Fragrance

fragranceBefore you buy any particular fragrance, you should do a few simple tests to ensure something you will wear you do enjoy it. Start by doing a simple sniff test to get an idea of how the fragrance smells like. It is advisable to try it on your skin. That explains why most cosmetic stores and department stores provide testers so that you can try it before you buy it. Remember that the skin has a unique reaction to pheromones and hormones that can alter the way the fragrance smells.

Follow Your Favorite

You may be tempted to follow the crowd. However, that is not the best way to choose your perfect fragrance. Some fragrances may be popular and fancy flowers, the best friend for you. Therefore, you should not pick a scent based on other persons’ opinions. Remember that you are making a personal choice. Therefore, you should always go with what appeals to your style and senses naturally.